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Below is our tentative schedule of in-class and homework assignments for the semester.

First day: 1/15

Week 1: Introductions to Eliterature: What is it?

Tues 1/20

Intro to literature and the e-
DUE: Goal-setting essay
What is Literature by Arthur Krystal

Thurs 1/22

Discussion of stories; Rhetorical situation activity
DUE: Electronic Literature: What is it? (by Katherine Hayles)
My Body: A Wunderkammer (by Shelley Jackson  from Electronic Literature Collection: Volume  1)

Week 2: Stories that go beyond: Exploring  Eliterature

Tues 1/27

Spend 2 hours with  Electronic Literature Collection: Volume 2
ead “Understanding Comics” by Scott McCloud (due to the size of this file, I had to upload it in our Google Drive folder. You may need to sign in to access it. Email me if there are issues!)

Thurs 1/29

In class: using Jing to write about dig lit
DUE: Navigating Electronic Literature (by Jessica Pressman)
Galatea (by Emily Short – scroll to the bottom of the page) **This is a piece of “Interactive Fiction,” for which you will also need to download “Spatterlight,” an application that will allow you to view and interact with the story
Lessons (by Justin Torres)

Week 3: Novels, phones, tablets, oh my!

Tues 2/3

DUE:  Micro-Writing 1    NOTE: This assignment requires you to post to our class blog. More on how to do that here.
What Matter Who’s Speaking: Access, Wikis, and YOU (by Susan Lewak)

Thurs 2/5

DUE: Spend 2 hours with Pry, A Novella
**NOTE: You must download ($2.99) to your iPhone or iPad. If you do not have an i-device, you can borrow an iPad  from the Rasmuson Library.

Week 4: Beginning to play: Interactivity in Eliterature

Tues 2/10

DUE: Spend 2 hours with Pry
Cybertext: Perspectives on Ergodic Literature (by Espen A. Aarseth)

Thurs 2/12

DUE:  LA Weekly Review of  Pry
LA Review of Books review of Pry

Week 5: Literature: Gaming?

Tues 2/17

DUE: Micro-writing 2
Spend 2 hours with Gone Home;  you might prefer to download here, from Steam.
**Note: Gone Home is a video game that you will have to purchase ($19.99) and download to a computer. You are welcome to go in on this together and use a Writing Center computer to download and play the game. Please talk to me if you’re interested in this option.

Thurs 2/19

DUE: Spend 2 hours with Gone Home

Week 6: The Big Ideas

Tues 2/24

DUE:  “Games_without_Play” by David Golumbia

Thurs 2/26

DUE:  Micro-writing 3
Read Capstone 1 prompt
Bring to class a device on which you can use Google Drive (laptop, tablet …)

Week 7: Collaboration


Conferences & Online Peer Review


Conferences  & Online Peer Review

Week 8: Transitioning

Tues 3/10

DUE: Capstone 1

Thurs 3/12

DUE: Listen to State of the ReUnion:  Interior Alaska

March 16-20: SPRING BREAK


Week 9:  Introducing: Storytelling

Tues 3/24

DUE: State of the ReUnion podcast


Thurs 3/26

DUE: Explore “Digital Storytelling’ online. This is an activity both in exploring this genre and in exploring online research. Experiment with your searches. Post your findings to our blog with links and the tag “digital storytelling.” Start here.

Week 10:  Exploring Fairbanks

Tues 3/31

Class guests:  Danny from Calypso Farm, Jason Avery from Fairbanks Parks and Recreation, Walkie Charles from Alaska Native Language Center,  Sarah Stanley from Stone Soup, Marsha Munsell from HHFD (Healthy Homes and Family Development)
DUE:  Research class guests and their orgs.  These guests are resources for you as you explore  Fairbanks stories worth telling. Develop a question for each of our guests and post to our blog with the tag “guest questions”


Thurs 4/2
**Meet in Rasmuson Library, Room 503**

DUE: Familiarize yourself with Alaska Film Archives’ YouTube channel and the Alaska Digital Archives.
AND Rough draft of story proposal. Please bring your proposal, in some form, to class.

Week 11:  Our Stories

Tues 4/7

DUE: Micro-Writing 4: Proposals


Thurs 4/9

DUE:  Create Google Drive space for your story
AND Watch: Andrew Stanton, “The Clues to a Great Story”  and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, “The Danger of a Single Story”

Week 12:  Collaboration

Tues 4/14

DUE:  Read “Mediatization or mediation? Alternative understandings of the emergent space of digital storytelling” by  Nick Couldry
AND group-work

Thurs 4/16

CANCELLED for conferences

DUE: Micro-writing 5: Project Plan

Week 13:  Story-making

Tues 4/21

Thurs 4/23

DUE: Micro-writing 6

Week 14:  Storytelling

Tues 4/28

DUE: Capstone Project: Digital Storytelling

Thurs 4/30

DUE: Self and Peer Evaluations

Wednesday, May 6, 10:15-11:15am
DUE: End-of-Semester Self-Assessment

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