Digital Storytelling Peer and Self Evaluations

Collaborate -> Reflect


For the last month, you’ve been working on collaborative digital storytelling projects. In some cases, you’ve collaborated with groups or individuals in our community. In all cases, you’ve collaborated with one another to  create stories about and for Fairbanks.

Your final grade on this assignment will be a combination of the group’s grade on the project (evaluation criteria here) and your peer and self assessments of your contributions to the project. These assessments will take the form of a reflective essay (think: the “reflection” portion of the last capstone and of the first micro-writing) and will be due by class on Thursday 4/30. Self and group assessments account for 40% of your final grade on this project.

In your essay, please respond to the questions below both for yourself and for each person in your group. Please refer to the specific evaluation criteria at the bottom of the page. I reserve the right to challenge any assessments that are not well defended.

How would you assess this author on contributions to a collaborative atmosphere, effort, and actual tasks completed? Please use the rubric below. Why would you give this assessment? What is one choice that this author contributed to the group project that responded to the rhetorical situation of the work? What is one choice that this author made that you might have made differently? What would the effects of this change have been?

Collaborative Atmosphere (5 points total)

  • 5 -> considers everyone’s ideas and values all opinions;  encourages discussion;  cooperative – being helpful to one another
  • 3 -> considers but may not use opinions and ideas of others; participates but does not encourage discussion; cooperative/helpful when asked
  • 1 -> considers but does not use ideas of others; participates little in discussion; minimally cooperative/helpful

Effort (5 points total)

  • 5 -> participates in all group activities — filming, meetings, decision-making; takes initiative when appropriate;  does outside work and comes prepared to group meetings
  • 3 -> participates in many  group activities; takes initiative when pushed; does some outside work, is usually prepared
  • 1 -> participates in few group activities; takes little initiative; does little outside work, is often unprepared

Actual tasks completed (5 points total)

  • 5 -> the things author  committed to doing are done;  work meets quality standards of the group;  meets deadlines
  • 3 -> most of the things author  committed to doing are done, but not to completion or quality standard of the group; misses some deadlines
  • 1 -> many of the things author committed to doing are not done; work meets only minimum standards of group; misses deadlines often

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