Education in Alaska

Tell me your story:

Budget cuts have been effecting alaska’s education system on all levels, reaching from administrators to teachers to students. Our goal is tell the story of how those budget cuts have affected the school system in Fairbanks as a whole. It seems to be common knowledge that the budget cuts have negatively affected education in Fairbanks, but what we want to find out is what specifically those effects are.


We will tell our story in the form of a video documentary, taking audio and written interviews and using images or video clips to illustrate the stories being told.


Most of our information will be coming from members of the the education department and the people that we interview. We will also be getting more specific information from, specifically their video on how funds have been allocated this year. We are also planning on finding academic journals from the library about education that could bring even more information to our story.


Auna: Organization/ Brainstorming / Research on Boarding schools.

Keegan: Video editing / Research on elementary school education.

Rose: Research on university education.


04 /12 – 04/18: Conduction of interviews and finding information.

04/19 – 04/25: Finish up any more needed interviews, begin editing.

04/26 – 05/02: Finish editing.

05/03 – 05/09: Finalise project, make sure everything looks good and is ready to be presented.

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