End-of-Semester Self Assessment

At ‘©the ‘©end’© of’© the ‘©semester,’© I’d ‘©like ‘©you ‘©to ‘©reflect ‘©back’© on ‘©your ‘©position’© as ‘©a ‘©writer ‘©and’© as’© a  learner ‘©in’© this’© course.’© In ‘©a ‘©minimum ‘©of’© 700’© words,’© please’© discuss ‘©in ‘©detail’© one’© thing’© you  learned’© about’© writing’© (this ‘©is’© intentionally’© vague ‘©because’© you’© can’© do’© a’© variety’© of’© things  about’© this ‘©subject)’© in’© this’© class.’© You ‘©will’© want’© to’© provide’© examples ‘©of ‘©how ‘©you ‘©learned’© it  and’© explore’© why ‘©it’© matters’© to your ‘©process.’© You’© may ‘©choose’© to’© discuss ‘©a’© “tendency’’© and  how’© you’© worked it ‘©out ‘©and ‘©will ‘©continue’© to ‘©do’© so,’© or’© you’© may’© choose’© to ‘©discuss’© an ‘©“aha  moment’’© and’© how’© you’© will’© sustain’© it’© into’© the’© future.’© I’© want’© you’© to’© talk’© about’© past  understanding, ‘©learning, ‘©and ‘©also ‘©future’© writing ‘©moments.’© I ‘©believe this ‘©kind ‘©of ‘©assignment  will’© help’© you’© all’© in’© the’© future.’© You’© might’© find’© it illuminating’© to’© review’© your’© writing  responses.’© What’© goals ‘©did’© you ‘©set ‘©for yourself ‘©in ‘©this ‘©class?’© Did ‘©you ‘©reach ‘©them?

Please ‘©give’© yourself’© a ‘©grade’© for’© the’© class’© and’© submit’© this’© assignment’© to Google ‘©Drive’©  before our final meeting, at 10:15 on Wednesday, May 6. As per our syllabus, the grade you give yourself in the class will count for 10% of your final grade in the course.

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