Digital Storytelling Capstone: Evaluation Criteria

As a class, we developed the following criteria for evaluating the digital storytelling projects. Stories will be evaluated on:

Rhetorical Situation

  • form and content both target a specific Fairbanks audience
  • has a clear purpose, ex: persuade, mobilize, possibly including a “call to action”
  • exploits the digital context to enhance the story


  • focused enough, not too narrow
  • form complements content
  • research is clearly and creatively incorporated


  • all media ¬†elements used (video, audio, etc) are edited/”finished”
  • well-composed (written, performed, organized)

Each group member will evaluate themselves as well as each of the other members of the group on the following criteria. Evaluations are due Thursday, 4/30.

Collaborative Atmosphere

  • considers everyone’s ideas and values all opinions
  • encourages discussion
  • cooperative – being helpful to one another


  • participates in all group activities — filming, meetings, decision-making
  • takes initiative when appropriate
  • does outside work and comes prepared to group meetings

Actual tasks completed

  • the things you committed to doing are done
  • work meets quality standards of the group
  • meets deadlines

Final grades for the assignment will be 60% Kendell’s evaluation based on the first set of criteria and 40% average of self and group assessment.