Project Plan : Connecting Alaska

Our Story: Our is story is non-fiction, and includes the 1964 earthquake in Homer, Alaska. We will be concentrating on the earthquake itself and how it affected the rest of Alaska, specifically  the South Central cities of Alaska. We will also be talking about how different states in Alaska helped the areas affected in their time of need. This is how we will connect Alaska. We will also be using people’s personal experiences with the earthquake for a more personal approach. We will be using Jack Estill’s stories of his experiences during the earthquake. Our goal is to show  how cities in Alaska are significant to Fairbanks itself.

Form: We are doing iMovie as our form of choice because we are interested in using pictures and videos to  do our presentation.This form is appropriate for our project because it is vital to see the effects of the earthquake and to hear the testimonies and archives that express the effects of it. We want this story to be impactful and unifying, in order to do that we believe that having different videos, images and stories will help create that effect. iMovie allows us to also be able to display multimedia   in the best quality.

Sources: /obits_20060315035.shtml

Tons of good video footage here:

Roles: Video/Technology-Lydia, Visual/Idea-Dalton, Source Person/Script-David, Narrator-Jimmy

Timeline: Over the span of the next two weeks we will have three group meetings, one every Sunday and Wednesday in room 503 at the Rasmuson Library. In the first meeting we will try and complete as much as possible by adding all of the video and images we have found. We will also try and record our script on this day as well. Wednesday we will be finishing anything else that needs to be finished, and the following Sunday will be mainly small finalizing edits.

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