Micro-Writing 5: Project Plan

Micro-writing 5: Project Plan

Planning a project is an important part of the research process – particularly when multiple researchers are involved. Please create a project plan that responds to each of the points outlined below, as well as others that your group may identify independently. Your audience for this plan is me. How you communicate the plan is up to you.

Tell me your story: What is the question you are pursuing? Is this fiction? Are there characters? With as much specificity as you can at this point in the process, tell me your story.

Form: What form will your story take? Is this a video? A website? A Twine? A podcast? Something else exciting? Please explain WHY this form is the right one with which to express your story. What limits and opportunities does this form place on creation of the story? On distribution of the story? Consider your rhetorical situation: Why is this form appropriate for your audience/context/purpose/writers?

Sources: Where is your story coming from? Obviously there is some creative license here, but all of these stories must be research-based. Please include at least three library resources (books, academic articles, digital archives) among other reliable research sources. I would like to see at least 6 sources incorporated into this process.

Roles: Each member of your group needs to contribute to the project, and you may all contribute in different ways. Please identify who will do what. Consider what each of you brings to this group. Is one of your group members good at coding? Could you use that skill? Does one have experience with video-editing or other platforms you’re considering? How will you all participate in the research phase of the project?

Timeline: What needs to happen in order for this story to be completed by the deadline (Tuesday, 4/28)? Please outline future steps, including everything from library research to interviews to experimenting with your chosen medium, and set deadlines for when each step will be completed.

DUE: Wednesday, 4/15 (by midnight) on class blog

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