Micro-Writing 3: Games?

Writer David Golumbia’s article, “Games_without_Play,” has been  posted online and you, as one who has studied digital literature and played Gone Home, have been asked to post a comment in response.  Please compose a 500-700 word response to Golumbia and post it to our class blog.

Consider your context. What is the genre of the comment, particularly  for an academic article?

Establish your purpose. You may not want to respond to Golumbia’s entire article and argument. Maybe you choose a specific portion, sub-argument, or example in order to focus your comment. How will you support your argument? Will you draw on the work of other writers we’ve read, or your classmates even?

Consider your audience. Golumbia is likely to read a comment posted on his article. So are other readers. What choices  will you make in order to write for them?

DUE: Thursday 2/26

Word count: 500-700 words


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