Micro-writing 2

Pry has been called a  “book to watch and a film to touch‘. The LA Review of Books says that “if you want to see one of the seeds of future lit, read Pry.” Based on your experience with electronic literature, what do you think?

As a contributor to an emerging blog about electronic literature, you’ve been asked to write a review of Pry, A Novella. This blog has begun to get attention from communities interested both in literature and its digital future (including e-literature but also gaming, ebooks, etc.).

A review is not simply a reader’s opinion about a text. Rather, a review is an educated assessment whose purpose is to en/discourage other readers from exploring the text. Note that there are many elements to a review, including summary, incorporation of other texts/voices via paraphrase and quoting, and also the unique voice of the writer.

DUE: Tuesday, 2/17 as a post to our “Class Blog”
Word count: 500-700 words

One thought on “Micro-writing 2

  1. Review Elements
    – quotes from text/writer/theory
    – this is why you should/n’t read this
    – context for book/genre
    – summary
    – writer credentials

    * Can quote/mention Galetea or Aarseth or both reviews.
    * Use of “I” should be used to the extent to help get all review elements across. (Choice)

    Graded by choices made about:
    > Audience – ppl interested in literature and it’s digital future
    > Context
    > Purpose
    > Writer
    > Goals

    ++ INTENTIAL CHOICES ++ Be aware of what you are doing and typing and how you are doing it.

    New tags? New categories? Links?

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