Alicia’s Zombie Proposal

Zombie Fairbanks:

What would you do if Fairbanks was a zombie mecca? Where would you live? How would you survive? How would you save humanity?


For this digital storytelling, I hope to create a story that illustrates how one would survive a zombie apocalypse in Fairbanks, Alaska. This will be achieved by looking at these categories:

  • Shelter
    • Will the shelter protect you from the winter cold?
    • Will the shelter protect you from zombies?
    • Many people that I’ve asked have said that the UAF campus has the facilities that you’d need to survive a zombie apocalypse
  • Food/Water
    • Will your supplies last the winter?
    • Are you a scavenger or a farmer?
      • Can you shelter support your farm?
  • Weapons/protection
  • Medical/Cure
    • Do you need a doctor/nurse?
    • Medical supplies?
  • Communication
    • Contact with the outside world?
    • Contact with you and your posse?
  • Transportation
    • Getting around your facilities
    • Scavenging for resources
  • Survival Posse
    • Who should you have with you
      • Doctor?
      • Farmer?
      • Engineer/construction worker/mechanic/handyman?
      • Hunter?
      • Some form of leader?

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