My subject is on the topic of cultural understanding and acceptance.

The focus will be on Rotary Youth Exchange students in the Fairbanks area. The video will consist of interviews from past exchange students, recently back all the way to adults now 20 years+ out, current students here from other countries, and future students who will leave this summer.  I know multiple people from exchange and have contact with the ones living here in Fairbanks.

The purpose of this video is to inform Fairbanks, and possibly more people. about how impacting an exchange can be and the benefits to a person’s life it can have. It will most likely be a documentary styled format based on opinions and experiences.

This video can be shown to the local Rotary clubs, as well as other clubs within the state. This video could possibly be shown as recruitment, advertisement, and support for Rotary International. This could be shown at orientations, District conference, or in other states in the US, and possibly at the North American Conference Rotary has.


My sources include  

Scott Luper, a man who went on exchange from Germany a while back who is now a Rotarian.

Dennis Barril, a college freshman who exchanged to Sweden.

Myself, a college freshman who lived in Bolivia.

Naomi LaSota, a high school senior recently returned from Thailand.

Josune  Quiñones, an exchange student living in Fairbanks from Mexico.

Estzer Marie  Szabo, another exchange student in Fairbanks but from Hungary.

Serena  Fessenden, a newbie to exchange who will travel to Indonesia this summer.

Jasper Holton, a high school sophomore in Fairbanks who will be traveling to Germany this summer as well.

* I recognize my sources to be purely human, and that is because this is an  interview styled video. The statements that will be expressed are opinions and biased (like all opinions). Credibility will be in their experiences abroad. There are also many more students and adults to talk to if these specific sources are not available.


The past students can be asked about their current job, schooling, friends, outlook on the world and it’s people, and how/if exchange changed their view or influenced it in a way. Current students can  be asked about what living in a new country is like, things that are different, what the expected, and what they never knew but now know about Alaska. The soon to be sent out  students can be asked about their possible hopes, fears, what the plan on doing, how they are planning to go out for exchange, and what they think they will gain from the experience.




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