Research Proposal Topic

Do you remember your days in the public school system? What subjects do you think were more highly valued? What were some of your worst and best memories associated with the public school system? How highly do you think that America, Alaska, Fairbanks, values public education? More specifically, why is public education one of the first to get affected in budget cuts? Shouldn’t the education of future citizens be the highest priority? Specifically in Fairbanks, I want to exam how Alaska’s education is being affected by budget cuts in the school district. A point I want to exam is what subjects does the American public value higher, what subjects are first to get cut? Which teachers are first to get laid off? This is a subject which has been highly debated throughout America, and I want to exam the ripple affects in Fairbanks. This is a subject which highly impassions me, because it’s America’s future that is being affected now. Children are our future, we need them to have the fullest, and highest quality education possible.

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