Storytelling Proposal: UAF Green Bikes

I propose to do a story on the bike rental program UAF Green Bikes. Last semester I spoke to a few of the people who run the program for a previous assignment. While I came in to only ask a few questions, I ended up staying for much longer to learn more about their program. UAF Green Bikes is a student-run program that provides rental bikes to UAF students, but I found it is much more than that. Green Bikes is also an initiative to recycle old unused bicycles so they can be repaired and put back into use as rental bikes. The program is actually a very intelligent approach towards sustainability. Bicycles on their own cut emissions, and to also recycle old bicycles keeps many bikes out of landfills. In addition to an emphasis on sustainability, Green Bikes also teaches students how to work on and maintain their own bikes.   I would like to learn more about green bikes and their initiatives for this upcoming project, because previously I had only scratched the surface and their initiatives and ideals. I believe Green Bikes is a program that is incredibly beneficial to the campus community, and that within it is an interesting story to tell.

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