Story Proposal on Medical Emergencies

Story Proposal

My story proposal is to do one on rural ambulance crew/fire departments that’s closest hospital is in Fairbanks. Some places are two hours or more away from the nearest hospital. This can be a problem for critical patience. For the story I was thinking on focusing on the medic’s experiences of having to care for a patient when they may be hours from hospital care and how it could affect their work and the patient. This could also go into stories of Emergency Doctors and Nurses and their experiences in Fairbanks Memorial Hospital. Sources would be the people who work on the ambulances and/or the hospital. The idea is to educate people on what Medical personnel do in their kind of work field. With story it could go many different ways, we could tell a story from ambulance to hospital, just ambulance crews in the Fairbanks areas, rural ambulance crews that closest hospital is Fairbanks or just on the Emergency department of the Fairbanks hospital.

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