How Many People Do You Actually Know At UAF?

Walking from class to class, I’ve realized that I see many of the same individuals everyday on campus. Although this is true, I know little to nothing about any of them. This got me thinking about doing my story proposal based off of individuals who attend and work at The University of Alaska Fairbanks.  Getting students, professors, faculty members, etc. to tell  a memory that is significant to them that  has occurred somewhere on the UAF campus is an  idea that I feel would be able to bring a few of us closer together. For the sources, they would be the individuals at UAF themselves. I know there are activities, events, sports, and more that occur on campus that are sure to have made an impact, whether positive or negative, on their lives that they are willing to share. In order to get this done, I feel as though it would be best to do in video form. Being able to physically see the individuals at the certain spot on campus would leave a better impact than any other form that I am able to think of. Not only would I use video, pictures and voice overs would be a good idea with some music playing softly in the background.

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