Jimmy Rogers Micro Writing 1



Using Twine was an interesting experience. I had a hard time deciding on how I should end it, and how I should write the main character. I decided to go with multiple endings, and make the main character one with the reader.

I wanted the ending to be unique, but I didn’t know how. I couldn’t decide weather the hero should live or die. What I decided to do is to have multiple endings. In the original end to the Yes or No ending choices, Yes meant the hero would die, and No meant the hero would live. It was a twist that I thought was unexpected. The “No” ending was supposed to be the main ending where the protagonist lived, but it turned out to become kind of plain, and less interesting. The “Yes” ending was supposed to end in the death of the hero, but typing out each page showed myself how hard the protagonist was trying to live.

The main decision I made is that I wanted the reader to feel that they were the main character, so the race, gender, and appearance of the protagonist is left unknown to all, but the reader.


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