Contemplating and Creating My Story

While there are many aspects of writing that I find challenging, I found that for this assignment it was the details of my story that made it difficult. I honestly spent so much time trying to come up with a solid story with strong characters and plot. When it comes to imagining stories, I think novel or movie not short story or tv episode. As I would start to write each section, I found myself wanting to create a masterpiece that others would be intrigued to read and not just forced into it due to an English assignment.


I spent so much time trying to create an interesting story that I struggled with trying to fit all of my thoughts into a cohesive story. While I had an abundance of ideas on my story, I had struggled with finding ideas that were alternate endings. I wanted to create a story that had one continuous story line. As mentioned before, when thinking of a story to create I was thinking novel sized. Unfortunately, my imagination does not always translate well to paper. If someone were to ask me about this story I could give them details for three young adult novels. Alas, the assignment was to not come up with a full story.


So here I am sitting, staring at my small amount of a story, struggling with how to transfigure my broad story ideas into a smaller cohesive tale. I could continue you trying to fit my plans into the form that we’re supposed to use, but instead of feeling like I have wiggle room for my story, I’m frustrated with not just being able to write. I can’t just start typing away. While trying to write, I was constantly having to backtrack, realizing that it doesn’t lead to a possible link.


While writing my response right now, I realized I could have just used the link as an end to a page. But what’s the fun in that? While using the links as pages, I could have certainly been able to write a more linear story line, but I would have felt like I was cheating on the assignment. Then again, the way I used the links were just making it a “choose your own adventure’ story. Either way, I still feel like I failed on this assignment. Not because I didn’t try, but because I had such a good story in my head that I was unable to convey.

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