A Review of “My Best Friend”

“My Best Friend”


So for my reflection portion of the writing assignment I plan on talking about the  CHOICE  I made as a writer in what I as a writing about. At first when I had started the assignment I had started with a totally different story. It was a lot darker and visually  grotesque  experience. Once i had finished I had remembered that we were suppose to talk about our stories in class and I had changed my mind as a writer due to me not really wanting to discuss on that story anymore than I already written.  

My new choice of what I wrote about changed to a short story about my friend and How I Met  Your   My  Mother  Best Friend. The story vaguely covers how I really feel about him, but enough that the reader can see that I enjoy our company together.  

When writing my story both times the words just flowed my memories onto the screen. There was never any doubt that was I was writing wasn’t good enough because it was real and if it wasn’t it wouldn’t have been something that just came to mind when tasked with the assignment. When writing the story the titles did not seem to matter and nor did the words that were hyper linked within each passage leading the reader to the next page.  

The structure of the entire assignment was made to seem like a book for readers. During classes discussions on how to many hyperlinks appear on the pages and they are distracting and that the choice of clicking on the new link before finishing the passage was troubling. The links in my passages were always near the end of the passage just before the end or the last words of the passage. The design of the path that the readers could take was not based on giving the readers a choice in what they wanted to do but more of reading the story in order and having a feel of a book. The point was for the story to be read without distraction from within the story itself such as to many hyper links or a bunch of different options for the reader to take through the story.

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