Review of “Alaskan Adventures”

My story was a combination of two hunting experiences I went on when I was a teenager with my dad. One was on Kodiak and one was in Cantwell.  I used these because they were interesting and told a story of my background and who I am. Also because they are unique and not a lot of people have experienced it. I used a format and language that makes the reader feel as though they were me. I made the word choice to let the reader know the emotions of the story. In addition I spaced the pages out so that it causes tension between pages, you don’t know what could happen next.

I enjoyed this assignment because I knew what I wanted to write about, and the digital story line website was something I was looking forward to. I also liked the idea of doing a story with twine because it gives the story a system and separation between subjects. The way I wrote the different boxes was that they separated times in the story and gave it starting and ending points. I used the titles to sometimes start on a subject that was a smaller point in the previous box, sometimes to make a title that spoke to the reader and tell them what the main point of the story is.

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