Culture Shock

For this first writing assignment I chose to write about my life when I was living in Germany. I had lived there for about three years and I thought the different aspects of culture, language, and food was a great way to make the story interesting. Anyhow, what really drove me in this writing assignment is my desire to share my experiences. I love talking and writing about the different places I have visited and my first reactions to everything. There is so much to discover in different places.       One thing I chose to do in this writing was to write about the titles I chose. Each title holds aspects of things I adored about my life living in Germany. My first slide or piece of writing, for a lack of a better word, is about moving to Germany. This is my starting point because obviously this is where it all began. I moved on to my next slide called “Apartment”, which is where everything else really stemmed off. From there I was able to write about everything else that really made an impact on my life. Since the Apartment in my story was temporary, from there I could write about the German town I moved to, and from that I could write about the environment in that area, like the bike paths. I tried to make everything connect, but also I tried to make people jump around and learn about a bunch of different things at once. I was trying  follow patterns that I seen in different volumes  of Electronic Literature, and also the My Body digital story we read, or at least tried to. I thought it was ironic that I hated reading in pieces, but I loved writing in pieces. I can totally understand why people enjoy digital literature because everything is in their grasp. You as a writer can make any choice you want in your writing and it’s perfectly okay. But then I confuse myself, because I then think “Is it okay?”. I suppose thats what we are figuring out. This was one of the first digital assignments I fairly enjoyed. I felt so computer savvy, I wanted to learn more. I was really intimidated at first about writing in the hyperlinks to make certain slides connect with other slides, but in the end I actually did that a lot and enjoyed it.

This assignment was a bit of a love hate relationship for me. I loved it at first, hated it more towards the end, and then when we finally got done troubleshooting I decided that I still really did enjoy making the project itself. I noticed within myself that this technology thing really interests me,  even though I know nothing about it. Im not going to  try and do any more to this blogpost like hyperlinks and fancy stuff simply because of the bit of stress I had just trying to finish my story. I can’t wait for the next Micro-Writing Assignment!


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