Micro Writing 1

Britain Tuck

English 211X

February 2, 2015



For this assignment I decided to write about a moment in time when the world stopped turning. At first when I was trying to decide on what to write it was very challenging. I didn’t know whether to right fiction or a non-fiction story. Neither of these choices really mattered though because ultimately I wanted my readers to connect with me. My audience for this could be anyone that was born after 9/11. Even if you were born far after 9/11, my hope was to give people some insight on the shocking pain it brought to everyone. My goal was to try to explain a moment in time that stops. Remembering where you were when Michael Jackson died. Maybe even the 1980’s when the space shuttle fell out of the sky. Everyone has those moments that make them stand still and take a breath because they don’t seem possible or real. I had trouble trying to explain emotions. It seems easier said than done. We all share the same emotions but trying to convey to everyone that were all the same at some point is tricky. You can’t just think about how you felt but also how the majority of people felt. When 9/11 happened I was only in Kindergarten with no real realization to what had just happened. So my emotions were completely different from the adults in my life, who were bursting into tears. Also while writing this I would find myself going off on tangents and not making structured sentences. This was partly because I was so excited about writing it and partly because all my thoughts were coming so fast. Putting my thoughts into a digital type of literature was a little tricky. I couldn’t really comprehend how I wanted to organize this story or what I wanted it to look like visually. Honestly, to me the easiest type of digital literature would be having your story in fiction because it is easier to figure out what you want next and see the big picture in your head. When you have a story like mine all your thoughts don’t come in a perfectly outlined structure for emotions and events, so it becomes trickier to organize. I decided that in my story I wanted one passage to talk about living in that moment on 9/11. I wanted the next passage to take a step back and try to portray the emotions of everyone at any time. This pattern I wanted to create until the end. I also never wanted to refer to the terrorist attacks of 9/11 as what they are. I think referring to it as “The Monster,’ is very suitable and makes you think more. September 11th still impacts people today but maybe differently than it used to. People usually don’t want to listen to it because they know it will be depressing or they have heard enough already. I wanted people to listen by making them try to figure out what I was talking about and who this “monster’ really was. I know that this is a story line based off an event that happened a long time ago but I think it still stirs people up today. I wanted to write about something significant.


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