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Luis Padilla-Aparicio

February 2, 2015

Kendell Sadiik

Reflection Paper.

I chose to write about the struggle it was for me to this assignment.  At first it took me a few hours to learn the twine system. Looked up a few articles online on how the program works, how to edit, and to share with the internet. This entire time not one think came up to mind. It was like my mind completely shut off and did not want to help. Now that its over and I am looking back at this, not bad for my first online game. The idea to write about a more recent even is because I am not very comfortable sharing things about my past. Top to it all off, my creativity was not helping today. My mind was a black page most of the night.

Choosing a to write a more descriptive paper was a challenge for me. For a few times reading over and over again, trying to come up with way that the readers can picture in there minds the steps I took to finally do this assignment. Also didn’t want to make it seem like it was boring. Watched a couple of videos to see what ind of tune to write in, to best suit what i was trying to do. I decided to just have a nice narrative tone. Some what o a background noise to the movie i was trying to picture for the readers.

The story like i stated earlier is about what happened while I was trying to do this assignment. It starts off with me staring at a black twine page and slowly getting frustrated and the hours past. Then went a little deeper and talked about how having ADHD doesn’t really help in these situations. Just typing this reflection, I have already stopped 5 times messed around and then coming back to my desk and finish this thing. My headache wasn’t that bad. I just thought that maybe exaggerating it a small bit could make it a more interesting story. I kinda regret doing it but, to late now. I wrote a small about my roommate that actually helped me with some ideas earlier in the day and I just spaced on them.

I saw a few games online earlier about people most recent experiences are  made into story. For example Issack by Peter Vidani,  was a great descriptive game and I enjoyed reading it.I tried to go for the same thing, a nice short, descriptive  game. Easy ready not one of those that are really long and just drags on your reader. I wanted them to take a few minutes to read it and it should be easy to understand. The build actually took a while to figure out the formatting, the words being used, proofreading and making sure it actually uploaded into the internet.

To finish this off, I was not really sure if i wanted to leave maybe add another slide or two. In the end I had a blast trying to figure this out and posting it. I enjoy this whole online paper. I hope the link at the bottom works. I tested it and it worked.



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