Alaska Gold Rush Proposal

How did Fairbanks Alaska come to be in existence? Why did people come to the middle of Alaska and decide to stay? The answer is gold. The thought of getting rich off gold would bring thousands of people north. Felix Predro in 1902 struck gold and E.T. Barnette built a trading post off the Chena River which led to the building of Fairbanks Alaska.

Other references that could be found, with a potentially really cool impact on the project its self, are in the Alaska Digital Archives where we could use interesting clips in the story we tell as our final project.

The story can start off with the gold rush and how it came to be and why Fairbanks is even a place people live. Then continue into what people did during the gold rush and who during the gold rush made it big. Then tie into what in fairbanks is still around from the gold rush days and what has come from those days.

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