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Continuing after, “On its official website, the ELO offers this additional definition of electronic literature as consisting of works which are: …

  • Literary performances online that develop new ways of writing.’

While the ELO definition incorporates many aspects that are applied in digital literature, the definition lacks any solid guidelines. With the vagueness given, many debate on what truly qualifies as a piece of e-literature. A large number of works fall through the cracks of the imprecise characteristics that make up electronic literature.  

Delete “There is some speculation that performance based variations of Flashmobs that originate online, such as Improv Everywhere, also qualify as electronic literature.’

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Since e-literature has no definite definition that is accepted across the literature world, many find it hard to agree on what should be included as electronic literature. Susan Lewak addresses how e-literature evolves in What Matter Who’s Speaking: Access, Wikis, and YOU; “Unlike print literature, electronic literature does not consist of stable, inscribed marks on a print page; rather, it emerges as a processural performance across codes and circuitry within the computer and in response to interactions from the reader.’ This idea brings up the concept that works intended for the internet or any digital device can qualify as e-literature. Unfortunately, with anything that’s intended to be e-literature being accepted as e-literature, the overall quality of e-literature would be lower than other forms of literature. Unlike books that have publisher houses, electronic literature does not have anyone that controls what is released. As long as you have the resources to create your work, you can.

One aspect of literature that has never been resolved is if films should be considered a form of literature. Many argue that because the screenplay is written, it should be qualified as literature in the same category that plays and dramas are in. The counter argument is that because the scripts are not made public like plays, they should be disqualified. Like regular literature, there is a form of film that could be considered literature. Many sites host videos, the most popular being YouTube. While only a small portion of YouTube consists of written out scripts, those that do should be considered e-literature as well as web shows and other film intended for internet release. Shelley Jackson even mentions fim when referring to the where one will see electronic literature:

“Electronic literature is normally created and performed within a context of networked and programmable media, it is also informed by the powerhouses of contemporary culture, particularly computer games, films, animations, digital arts, graphic design, and electronic visual culture.’

Unfortunately, film intended for the internet will never be included or excluded until there can be a solid definite definition.


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I started with writing my capstone assignment by writing the creation section first then going back and writing the revision. It was easier to know what I wanted to write then it was to edit. Once I had established what I had created, I was able to form an idea of what I needed to change in the definition. I chose to focus on the vagueness of the definition. With this choice, I simply had to create almost what was a sense of doubt in the solidness of the definition. Without the doubt in the definition, I was able to relate the problems with having a loose definition to the quality of literature. I was also able to bring qualification to online film being a possible form of electronic literature. Without building that doubt in the definition, I would not have been able to add my section. It would seem to not fit in with the rest of the page.


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