The big question here is what is PRY?   In a short version, PRY is a “novella’ but in an interactive app form. That by the way, it cost $2.99 on the App Store.   It takes place inside the mind of James, and how his past is hunting him as he sleeps or even closes his eyes. It takes you deeper into his thoughts, his fears, and his unfortunate reality. The serious of short text and or videos, keep you  so entertained with the story your eyes are glued to the screen.   So far it has kept me, a guy that has bad ADD, still and glued to my phone screen.

But what is the story about? Why read it? You know I found myself asking those same questions before I even bought the app.  But let’s talk about the story. It takes place in the mind of James, a man that was a soldier during the Gulf War, stationed in Dharan. But now is a veteran that works in demolition. He works with Luke a fellow soldier that was station in Dharan with him during the war. The story is narrated by James as he recalls his past and begins to tell you the struggle of losing your sight. Due to the war, PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) begins to have flashbacks and nightmares.  During his flashbacks or dreams another character seems to appear, Jesse. Jesse was Luke’s girlfriend but a close friend to James.   As you further read into the story he tells you that doctors have diagnose him as a psychosomatic. He strongly believes that all that’s happening is real. Makes it really hard to figure out what is real and what could be a hallucination. Then this starts to feel like a real interaction with the character trying to figure out what could be true and what isn’t. His past begins to haunt him more frequently and starts to make it difficult for him to move forward with his life. His frustration for trying to keep his past from ruining his present worsens as the story goes on and begins to hallucinate more frequently.  This to me is more a game then a book. Why not play with a fun story. It’s so easy to get involved and hook; all you have to do is move your index and thumb finger.

How is it a game?   I think it’s more of a game then a book because you move your fingers to read and dig deeper into James’s mind. This story interacts with us by making us expanding or crunching the screen. When you expand the story starts to show you what James is thinking about and what is on his mind. When you crunch he shows you what is currently going on around him. The more you expand and crunch, you begin to learn more about James’s past and present. In my opinion the beginning of a man losing his mind. It really grabs my attention with the weird noise and the videos shown. To top it all off you get diamonds the further you read into the story. If you actually attempted to dig even deeper and interact more with each chapter you unlock more diamonds. This is what makes it a game for me and keeps me competitive.

This is PRY, the fun interactive game (if you ask me) or novella. That a person can literally be inside another humans mind, share the same thoughts, or see what he sees. This story goes beyond anything I could have expected. It keeps me wondering what is next.

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