“You Can’t Win Them All” Review

You Can’t Win Them All


I have been in EMS and firefighting since I was 15 or 16 years old. Through the years I have gone from an Emergency Trauma Technician (ETT) to an Emergency Medical Technician 2 (EMT 2)/Firefighter 1, working towards an EMT 3. I have been on countless ambulance calls and some fire calls, I have seen a lot of things and made many decisions that people depended on me to make. On these calls I had to make choices on what I did on scene and how I would treat my patient. That gave me the idea to do my story on an emergency situation, where the reader would have to make choices just like I do on scene. I thought it was a good topic since this program allowed us to make stories that could lead down different paths and have different endings. On an emergency seen you never know how it will end up. Your patient can be good at one moment and then crash a few seconds later. You have to make your best decisions and sometimes make them fast, which is what I am trying to show in my twine story.

In my story, You Can’t Win Them All, the reader is a medic going on an ambulance call. They have to make decisions on what to do on scene that might decide the fate of their patients. I wanted to show what it is like on an emergency scene and show how medics have to make decisions that may or may not change the outcome of the incident, without going to far in depth. There can be many decisions a medic might have to make every time they respond to a call, this twine story shows only a portion of what could go on. It also gives the reader an idea of triage in EMS; if a patient is a black tag you don’t’ bother with them anymore because they are deceased, red they’re immediate care, yellow are delayed and green is minor. This story doesn’t go in to incredible detail of what happens on scene, it just gives the reader an idea.

I named the story You Can’t Win Them All because in EMS and Firefighters you can’t. Sometimes no matter what you do there is really nothing you can do and I have seen this first hand. I have been on ambulance calls that ended up to where even if we tried every little thing to save a person it wouldn’t work. I put in some choices that didn’t matter if you chose them or not you would still end up in the same place. This could also happen on an emergency when you go to make a decision and your partner reminds to that you need to do something else instead. In this story there are times when you pick one direction and your partner in the story has to bring you back to another. I wanted to make all the decisions and there out comes realistic and make decisions that a medic might think of while on an actually emergency scene.



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