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Who we Are:


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This English 211 course explores the budding genre that is electronic literature. In it you can expect to be introduced to various types of digital literature, including:

This is a new class exploring a new concept in Literature, so you can expect to see pieces of literature you have not seen before. You will not be reading “classic” stories and writing reports on them, you will instead be reading experimental pieces of literature, then creating blog posts on your thoughts about them. Say goodbye to boring MLA format, this class isn’t about that, it’s about stretching your perception of “what is literature?”. Important values in this class are:

  • Discussion
  • Sharing your ideas, good or bad
  • Contributing to the class blog
  • An emphasis on unconventional academic writing
  • Emphasis on forming your own opinions and ideas about literature
  • EVERYTHING IS DIGITAL, paperless 🙂

There are a number of interesting of assignments to complete in this class, some are:

  • Editing Wikipedia Pages
  • Learning how to organize a blog
  • Recognizing unconventional literature
  • At the same time analyzing how it conforms to/breaks the boundaries of literature cannon
  • Small writing assignments (Micro-Writing)



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