Water Reflection: Auna

Reflection of Water



I wrote this story not only for the class but for myself. Everyone has their own life story and their own

tragedies; my brother’s death was my tragedy and is also my family’s tragedy. I decided to put that part

of my life story in because it is a part of my story. It had an impact on my life that changed me. It isn’t

always so easy to bring it up, but at the same time sometimes I just want people to know because it is

what makes me who I am today. I figured it was easier to tell my story using water as my main theme

because water will always be a big thing in my life. I grew up by the ocean and by large rivers. Being in

Fairbanks isn’t something that I particularly like and I find myself constantly thinking about the ocean.

Some might think it’s a bit weird but really we are all weird and we all have a story. Some people can tell

their story easier than others and some don’t even bother. I know that if I tried writing this story last

year I probably would have cried an avoid posting it. I feel like I have grown up a lot over the course of

these past few years, which is why I felt like writing about it. I find that it is easier to write about things

that are familiar. I know I didn’t do my best work when I wrote the assignment, heck I don’t even think I

edited it. It was more of a spur of the moment writing piece for me, I didn’t need to brainstorm a whole

lot just due to the way that the story could link around, it is chaos and a piece of work all in one. Doing

this assignment was kind of like going through life where there is no set course and you make the small

decisions to see where you will go with it. I know that my storyline was short and I feel that it could be

composed better. Another decision that I made was to make it have an end, and depending on what

route gets taken that the story line ends sooner. I decided to just write tidbits to make it all unconnected

but have the same theme. Water as you all may soon realize is just a reoccurring aspect in my life, it’s

something that I never fail to notice and is something that I take note of. I feel like I could have written

about something different but I was just drawn to the topic. I am not very good at being completely

direct in my writing which is why I appreciated this assignment. The hyperlinks and jumping around that

is done throughout the assignment isn’t done so well just due to the fact that I don’t use hyperlinks in

my day to day life, so putting them in was a bit awkward but I think I pulled it off.

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